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"My daughter is missing, left home with her boyfriend and is living somewhere in Cape Town. I'm living in constant fear of whether one of them will die, I'm simply waiting for the call. They are both on drugs so no, I'm not OK."

This is how the New Apostolic Drug Support group (NADS) meetings started. These meetings were initiated by one mothers speaking up after suffering in silence for years. She summed up the courage to speak about her daughter and the feelings surrounding the delicate issue. After telling her story the leaders of the church were inspired by her testimony and zeal to start a support group of our own after being encouraged from attending another local drug support group - Recovering Addicts Empowering Lives (RAEL) who have since also shown us their support.
In the New Apostolic church there are many people affected by a loved ones abuse of drugs or alcohol. This has been a shameful reality for many of us. So we stay in the dark and suffer in silence. This no longer needs to be our reality. This meeting allows us to come together, family and the addict alike, and find a safe space where we support one another and share what we are truly feeling without shame.
This is not a miracle cure, this is merely a new support group which is running almost weekly in Sea Point and will be expanding to Table View district with the first meeting taking place on the 24th November 2009 in Summergreens.
Everybody is welcome. Open your hearts and let go of the pain. You no longer have to suffer alone.
Any queries please direct to vandah7@mweb.co.za or phnell1@hotmail.co.uk
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